Our System

At Revolution Junior Volleyball, our coaching philosophy centers around the implementation of a strategic defense known as shift defense, rooted in Gold Medal Squared principles. This approach aims to limit opponents' attacking options by strategically positioning players to cover high-percentage hitting areas on the court. By establishing a strong blocking scheme and shifting defensively to cover open spaces, we optimize our offensive opportunities while minimizing our opponents' scoring chances.

Each player is assigned a specific position base and move to, ensuring optimal defensive coverage and offensive readiness. While this system may require some adjustment for new players, our focus on footwork, positioning, and overall athleticism empowers athletes to effectively execute our game plan. As players become more familiar with the system, they experience improved performance and a deeper understanding of the game, contributing to their overall growth and development as volleyball players.

Through dedicated practice and commitment to our strategic approach, Revolution Junior Volleyball fosters a supportive environment where players can thrive and reach their full potential on the court. We are proud of the progress and success our players have achieved within our program, and we are excited about the future of Revolution Volleyball.

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